Friday, May 21, 2010

My first Hennessy Artistry Event!!

There will be a Hennessy Artistry event and thanks to my friend Jennifer I will be going and this is going to be my first.. After I heard bout how much fun Jen had at the last event which was held at KL, OPERA I can't wait for my turn..

The newly revamped Hennessy Mixing Zone is also set to return to allow fans to once again experience the Hennessy Digital Light Art FX booth, Hennessy Mix Master, and Hennessy Mixing Bar. But the highlight of it all, party goers will also again, be able to look forward to the delectable tastes of some of Hennessy VSOP’s signature long drinks – Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger,Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus.

With all the Hennessy drink i'm sure Shaun will be a very happy boy :)
There will be Ad bangers..

Joe Flizzow and Sona one...

And also Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo..

I am sure it's gonna be so much fun...

Don't miss out!

Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at QE II and Zouk logon to Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door

Looking forward to seeing u guys there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A post after Ages.

Recently, I've been very busy to update my blog. Degree is giving me a hell time.
Never get to go out at all, until last saturday Jennifer asked me out for lunch.
She kidnapped me to Butterworth to eat clinic food. Lolol.

It's actually a clinic CAFE. The workers there wear uniforms as doctors and nurses.
The food was ALLRIGHT. Weird services; maybe the so-called-doctor really treat himself as a doctor. And so coincidentally, I wore red and white polo T as if I was one of the worker there. Zzzz.

I'm starving right now and I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed FOOOOOOOD!
If you're looking for pictures for clinic cafe, Please View My Faceboook Pictures. Thank youuu.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Update.

So happy with my life now. :D.
Happy Belated Birthday to Me! 9/10/09!
That's all. Byebye

Monday, August 17, 2009


Went Rasa Sayang Buffet the other day.
VISIT Gwen's blog for more information.
Lazy to type here.


Monday, August 3, 2009

3/8/1990 - for Mangga!

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Chen Hsin Yuin!

I spelled your name right this time?
HAHA. Well, Jennifer is actually my mom. Yeah my mom since both of us were urmm like.. 14?. Yeah fourteen.
And today, she turned 19. I have two moms for 5 years already. Lol.
Okay roughly talk about her personality le okay! She's the most KL person I've ever seen before. Sounds bad right.. Yeah. But without that kuailan-ness and her sarcasm, we wouldn't have learn so much. Bad stuff i mean. hahah! But in a good way, our brain won't twist so fast in detecting sarcasm and have strong self defences. Besides, she's a pretty fast everythinggggg lah. yeah as in EVERYTHING. In high school, we both were known as the hyperactive person in class. Never get tired of making noises. Never get tired of gettingdimerits as well. With that reasons, we were seperated by the teachers; didn't allow us to sit together. But, that didn't gave us a problem.. and in fact gave us extra one more memories; our conversation book.Haha! Yeah it's a book not a piece of torn paper or whatever. Everyday, a new chapter a new page a new topic. Crazy enough bo . We were doing that in risk for two years. If any teacher of ours ever read that book, I'm afraid they will get serious heart attack and ended up in final-stage stroke. We fucking condemned about themkao kao.

Jennifer, remember THESIM's shoes? HAHAH! It's an inside joke. Well well, those are the memories. I'm so happy all that ever happened in my life. =). I'm even happier than I got to know you. =). Though, I may hate your boakai-ness at times. Memang lah. This I cannot deny. But all these years, forgive and forget is how we maintained this friendship ma right?

Don't say I don't care about you. Don't say my post don't have your name! I rarely update my blog. And today, for you I update! This whole post is about YOUUUUU!! Better appreciate! =D. ILY, mommybooo! 3/8/2009.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

B-O-R-E-D !

Here I'm back again after a busy week! Had been going out too often these days. Cy said I party too hard. =( Actually it was quite hectic keep going out but staying at home were bored tooo! Sometimes I kinda missed everymorning class sessions.. Though, it was kinda tired and I kept complaining at that time. Had to force myself to wake up sooo darn early everyday. But time passed soo quickly at that time. Now, I thought I awake for quite some time already, BUT NOO. I woke up only 3 hours ago. Wtf. I got a feeling that this week is gonna be a boring week, especially weekdays. Cy's having test now. Yen is always gone. =..( while GLY, She said "she's sick" and that's why she can't come back penang til she's recover! I woke up at 7.10a.m today. DAMN early. I had the same nightmare again. T.T Shall not reveal what's the nightmare about here. Today is still a longgg day.. Oh god, What should I do today?!

Well, I shall upload few pictures about my past week events...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Days without books!

=D. I'm appreciating every minute in my life now. Spent my past 3 days without books; the feeling is awesome! Went Karaoke, CGL for food and update our para gurus about our lives without them now lol, Coffee Island, and etc etc. My mom claimed that I just came out from the jail. LOL. Funny! However, today I decided to stay at home =). I had not enough rest for the past few weeks already.


Personality Test. XD

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Love it!